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About EZnet Services, Inc.

EZnet Services, Inc. is a provider of highly-affordable, custom software programming and customizable, out-of-the-box, turnkey software solutions that enable companies of all sizes in over 30 industries to operate more efficiently and increase their global competitive advantage.

A Remote Company

With a culturally-diverse, distributed team comprised of members located across the United States and around the globe, EZnet Services, Inc. brings a uniquely global and virtual perspective to every client project. Regardless of geography, our team supports your mission-critical efforts. Our core values are collaboration, results, efficiency, diversity, inclusion, solutions, and transparency and trust, and these form our virtual company culture.

Founded by Jerry Stabler, a 30-year veteran of the telecommunications and cable television industries, EZnet Services, Inc. is a software, website and digital asset development company that was one of the first companies to develop and market SaaS (software as a service). In the years that have passed, we’ve stayed on the cutting edge of technologies that drive SaaS, particularly in the cloud.

Our flagship stand-alone products are EZNet Scheduler®, an online appointment scheduling program that debuted in 2012, and EZnet Notify®, a voice broadcasting program. EZnet Scheduler was originally developed by Lexitel Communication Services Inc., the Companies Call Center and EZnet Services Inc, its software company. This program was originally designed as one of the first cloud-based programs, allowing its telecommunication clients to see their appointment on their calendar in real time. EZnet Services completed the design and brought the Scheduler to the market as one of the first SaaS services. The program was later enhanced by EZnet Services for the telephone answering service industry.

EZnet Scheduler makes appointment scheduling fast, easy, and affordable for all businesses, from small startups to large business enterprises. This cloud-based appointment-scheduling program is fully adaptable to all business applications and is customizable for nearly any industry or market niche.

Our history in SaaS goes back more than a decade—to a time before anyone knew what SaaS was. Already at that time, we created many private SaaS applications for the medical and telephone answering services industries. In 2014, our sister company, EZnet Programming Services, Inc. was formed for the marketing and further development of EZnet Scheduler, the industry’s most simple, easy-to-use scheduling tool. Our clientele includes many large corporations, state agencies and global business enterprises.

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